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eChapter Secure Payment by Credit Card using

You MUST complete all five (5) fields at the bottom of this page before proceeding to the next page.

Amount field MUST NOT have dollar sign($) comma (,) or space, but MUST have cents (even if zero .00)

however, a Decimal is Required    Sample amounts 75.00 - 100.00 - 1500.00 - 71.43 - 3500.00 DO NOT ENTER any commas in the amount field such as 1,500.00 or 3,500.00 As a comma will indicated you are finished entering the amount and you will likely get an error message saying Error Transaction Not Completed and showing the amount entered as 1.00

The Ontario Government is NOT exempt from HST as it was for GST

You MUST Provide a Valid Email Address for card holder and Registrant's Name from INVOICE

Sample of Next Screen

The first step in paying by credit card is to complete the 5 fields below (all 5 fields MUST be completed) and submit the info by selecting the "Click to proceed to Moneris Secure Page" button at the bottom of the page. You will then be transferred to the SECURE Moneris Web Site to complete the transaction, by entering your credit card information. If your first attempt to pay your invoice is not successful, you should modify the Invoice ID (1st field on the form below) namely 24825IIACdn129, by adding an A or B etc to the end of the invoice ID (for example 24825IIACdn129A), the next time you try to pay the invoice.

NOTE: On rare occasion users have selected the "PROCESS TRANSACTION" button at the bottom of the next page and encountered this error message
"Your transaction cannot be processed at this time due to a system error.
Please try again or attempt at a later time."
If you encounter this error, please contact us at and advise us of the error message.

Often trying to make a payment while on a VPN, may not work, we suggest you do not use a VPN connection.

Make sure Invoice ID Matches first 11 or 13 characters of Subject field (do NOT include text after the break in the text) or the Reference in the body of the email received.

Please pay each Invoice separately(unless special arrangements are made). All refunds subject to a $5.00 handling fee.

If you are paying using a Visa Card, you should make sure that you have had your Visa Card Verified by Visa as Moneris uses this process to verify your card info. Each card issuer has their own process, so if your card has not been verified, you will need to contact your card issuer to obtain your on-line password. To have your Visa Card Verified by Visa go to RBC or CIBC or TD or ScotiaBank or US card issuer.

If your card is declined you should contact your card issuer, only they can tell you why it was declined.

Decimal is Required    Sample amounts 75.00 - 100.00 - 1500.00 - 71.43 - 3500.00

Recommend you copy & Paste from Email. Make sure NOT to add blank space at either end of data.
  Example 100.00 cents MUST be entered (even if zero), but NO "$" sign or Commas or spaces or leading zeros
Invoice ID Invoice Number Payment Amount
You MUST Provide a Valid Email Address for card holder You MUST Provide Registrant's Name from INVOICE
Card Holder's Email Name of person Invoiced